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Welcome to Travel Souk

Travel Souk has one simple goal and that's to help you explore the world by getting the most out of the Web. The Internet has fast become the ultimate armchair travel tool, but actually finding what you are looking for can leave you feeling like you need a holiday.

Travel Souk has scoured the Web to find the best and worst travel sites; so that you don't have to. We have reviewed everything from sober municipal sites to hare-brained blogs; all chosen for their unique take on the places that they know best.

You'll also find a 'nuts and bolts' travel guide to each destination, which is where we keep all the practical stuff; from landing the cheapest flights to booking the best accommodation. Plus we've got weekly features and tips on everything from avoiding committing cultural faux pas to deciding what to order on the local menu.

Enjoy the ride!

World's Strangest Museums

If you thought museums were best saved for rainy days. think again. Travel Souk uncovers ten of the strangest day's out on the planet.

'When you start to look like your passport photo... it's time to go home'   Irma Bombeck - humorist & writer


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