Travelling in Egypt
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Travelling in Egypt

Air: Internal flights are the fastest way around the country, although they are expensive and you will miss a lot. Egypt Air has daily flights between Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Hurghada.

Train: Egypt has no rail links with its neighbours, but it has a good domestic service - if a little bumpy. The mainline follows the country's backbone, the Nile, from Alexandria down to Aswan. There are also links to Port Said and Port Suez. Comfortable air-conditioned night sleepers run from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan, catering for the tourist trade. Cairo 's trains run from Ramses Station, 3 km north of Maydan Tahrir. For more information form the Egyptian Tourist Office's official website.

Bus: Buses run to all Egypt 's cities and most of its towns. Journeys can be hot and dusty, but provide a real flavour of the country and its people. Most buses run from Almazah Station. Super Jet(Tel: 02 772 663) has buses to most major destinations, and provides the most comfortable service in Cairo. For more information form the Egyptian Tourist Office's official website.

Car hire: A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended, as many stretches of road aren't sealed. Egyptians drive on the right. The police are serious about enforcing the speed limits(90kph on most motorways), and a hefty fine will be waiting for you if you exceed them. An International Driving Permit and your own insurance are required.

Taxi: Taxis generally aren't be flagged down, but phoned or standing at ranks. It's worth checking the meter is working/ switched on before setting off. Between urban areas it's a different ball game, taxis are shared - often to the point of busting. Their advantage over the bus is that they depart when they are full and travel much, much faster. They usually come in the shape of old Peugeot 504's.

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