Flights to Greece
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Flights to Greece

Long gone are the days when Corfu seemed like the other side of the world: Greece is now so cheap and easy to get to by plane from Europe there's scarcely any need to search for bargains. Greece 's major international airports are in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. Most of the others - around 13 - only receive charters flights or stopovers from Athens.

In the UK you can fly to Greece, depending on the season, from airports including London Gatwick and Heathrow, Luton, Manchester and Dublin. If you're planning a multi-stop holiday there are also plentiful flights to Greece from North America, Turkey, Bulgaria and some parts of Asia and Australasia.

Scheduled airlines of both the traditional and low-cost variety offering services to Greece from the UK include British Airways, easyjet, Aer Lingus, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa and KLM. The earlier you book the better, but depending on the season and where you look you can book a direct flight to Athens with only a couple of weeks' notice for under £200.

Greece 's national airline, Olympic, provides an acceptable and reasonably-priced service on its large internal network and international routes including flights from London to Thessaloniki and Athens. There are charter flights from various UK airports, which may be cheap and convenient for getting to a specific destination in Greece. They can often be found in the travel sections of national papers, but it's important to read the small print because the tickets can be restrictive.

Greece is the birthplace not only of the gods but also of a massive shipping industry, and ferries and yachts are a natural way to explore the Greek islands. But with the spectre of strikes floating on the horizon from time to time, even the most resolute water baby needs a back-up plan. A Cretan company, Sky Express, is now offering routes throughout the Aegean. That provides an alternative to waterborne transport but also makes it possible to visit corners of the country in a shorter space of time than is feasible by water.

Late June to August is peak season for Greeks as well as tourists, and hence the most expensive time for accommodation. The price of flights can be more unpredictable, but looking at things as a whole it's a good idea to skirt the summer months and visit the country in the spring or autumn(island hopping is still an option until late September).

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