Activity holidays in Greece
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Oreivatein. Greek for mountain walking

Activity holidays in Greece - climbing, hiking and trekking guide

Being a deity gives you the chance to be picky about your accommodation. The 'apartments of the gods', mythically sit on top of Mt Olympus, Greece's highest mountain, with Mytikas peak at 2,917m. Getting there isn't for the faint hearted, but the diversity of ecosystems means that whether you're looking to scale ice-capped rocky crests or for a more sedate afternoon's stroll through its forested lower slopes, Zeus' pad won't disappoint. takes a 'holistic' approach to mountaineering, believing that to understand a mountain, you first need knowledge of the mythological elements. On top of this you can then build the flora and fauna, tracks, maps, 3D topographic models and inevitable statistics.

And it doesn't stop there. Colour is added with an impressive but stomach-churning photo gallery and a selection of e-postcards. It's an ambitious project as most of the country is covered in rugged mountains, but the website's infectious enthusiasm ensures that it is carried off in style.

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