Japan information
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Japan information

All the essentials for a worry-free trip

Passports and Visas:
UK nationals may enter Japan with a valid passport, and stay for up to 90 days

Useful Numbers

Telephone codes:
International code 81

Police 110 Medical Emergency 119

UK Embassy and Consulate ( Tokyo):
1 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku Tel: 03 3265-6340

Website: www.uknow.or.jp/

Japanese Embassy ( UK):
101-104 Piccadilly, London W1V 9FN Tel: 020 7465 6500.

Website: www.embjapan.org.uk

Tourist Information( UK):
Heathcourt House, 20 Savile Row, Fifth Floor, London W1X 1AE Tel: 020 7734 9638

Website: www.jnto.go.jp

Travel Advice:
for governmental guidelines from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office visit: www.fco.gov.uk

Tourist Etiquette:
Whether you're dining with the family or meeting a chairman of industry, Japanese etiquette offers a wealth of opportunities whereby to ingratiate or offend your host. Fortunately, foreigners are not expected to know the full gamut of conventions. Here are a few lessons in Japanese etiquette that might be of use.

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