Japan transport
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Getting around Japan

By Air: Japan has three national carriers, Japan Air Lines, Japan Air System and All Nippon Airways. An extensive network covers mainland Japan and all its satellite islands. Tokyo 's domestic airport is Haneda.

By Rail: Japan has one of the best rail networks in the world. Reservations are mandatory for first-class seats(found in the green carriage). The speed of the Shinkansen, or Bullet Trains, is soon to be superseded by the 400mph Maglev train. If you're planning on doing an amount of rail travel a pass may be bought through the Tourist Board). It must be purchased before entering the country. For further information contact Japan Railways, Tel: 03 3423 0111

By Road: The two main obstacles to driving in Japan are congestion and the language barrier(deciphering road signs). The Japanese drive on the left, An International Driving Permit is required for car rental.

By Taxi: Taxis in Japan are horrendously expensive. Taxi drivers often only speak Japanese, so it's worth getting your hotel to write down your destination Japanese characters.






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