Cheap flights to Kenya
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Flights to Kenya

Kenya is a big country of big contrasts: wide open plains and snow-capped mountains, exotic wildlife and five-star resorts. As befits such a country, the travel options are plentiful but varied. It all depends on which part of Kenya you're planning to visit.

If you're heading to the capital, Nairobi, you have plenty of choice about how to travel. Direct flights are available from British Airways and Kenya Airlines - the latter is cheaper, at under £500 for an inclusive return. Or you can cut costs by taking a two-stage or three-stage flight with a different carrier. Going via a European city will take the cost of your flight below £400, but may also take the flight time over eleven hours, which is too much for some travellers.

For air travellers to Kenya 's other cities and towns, direct flights are the exception rather than the rule. For example, if you want a direct flight to Mombasa, you'll almost certainly have to use Kenya Airways, and your return flight will cost you at least £1000, if not closer to £1200.

Indirect flights are cheaper and give you more choice of carriers and times. For example, you can reach Kisumu in a variety of ways. Kenya Airways has arrangements with British Airways, KLM, Air France and other European carriers to bring you a two-leg journey with a European stop-off. Alternatively, you can use Kenya Airways for the whole journey and have your stop-off in Nairobi. It should be possible to get an inclusive return for under £500.

For cheap flights to most Kenyan airports, the Internet is your friend. Use it to rapidly compare prices of flights, and check out online travel agents while you're at it. The web is a great resource for quick and easy comparisons, and you can book your exotic holiday without even leaving the house. To book your holiday online and find the best holiday deals, firstly you must ensure that you have the best internet deal. If you regularly travel, it may be worth you buying a pay as you go dongle, as this means that you can get internet access where ever you are and top up when you need it.

For safari holidays, you may have to take a different approach to booking flights. While online booking and comparison is great for other parts of Kenya, flights to Mara Lodges and other areas aren't always easy to find online. However, you can still use the Internet as a starting point. A web search is a great way of finding the names and telephone numbers of companies doing safari holidays. Although you might not be able to book online, it's a good way of collecting the initial information.

When you're looking for cheap flights to Kenya, don't forget to check out the Middle Eastern carriers, such as Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines. These often serve Kenyan airports, going via Middle Eastern cities such as Doha or Dubai. They usually work out as more costly than a Kenya Airways flight, but sometimes a special offer will make their prices very competitive, so you should always find out what they're offering for comparison purposes.

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