Mexico Holidays
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Guide to Mexico

Mexico forms a bridge between the slick first-world commerce of North America and the more chaotic Latin tempo of its southerly neighbour. The result is a vibrant cultural mishmash that can get difficult to untangle. History further muddies the waters with many countries leaving their footprints on the land.

Spain 's boot however, fell with the heaviest impact. It was only Mexico 's crumpled topography that allowed any of the native cultures to survive the gold-thirsty conquistadors attempts to obliterate the Old World and forge Nueva España.

It's largely this geography that lures tourists across the Atlantic today. Mexico 's beaches are considered some of the finest in the world, and rightly so. Its Caribbean coast is home to the second largest coral reef in the world, while to the west migrating whales plough the length of the Pacific coastline. Inland, Aztec and Mayan ruins sweat deep in the jungle, hiding dark secrets of human sacrifice. Rising up through saw-tooth canyons and balmy colonial towns, the highlands are crowned by snow-capped volcanoes.

Due to the steady influx of tourists each year, Mexico has become one of the most popular areas for luxury resorts and timeshares in the world.

These billion dollar accommodations are a large part of their economy and are the safest places to stay in the country. Resorts such as the Fiesta Americana Villas in Cancun offer guests top notch security and helpful concierge staffs along with unparalleled luxury. For more information on booking a rental at one of these resorts check out or call 1-877-815-4227. There are many excellent places to stay in Mexico, so make sure you do your research and find one that suits your needs, whether you require a private bungalow or a resort complete with its own nightclub.

Mexicans pride themselves on knowing how to party. In fact words such as tequila and Acapulco could almost pass as synonyms for 'party'. Mexico 's infectious nightlife is seemingly designed to reset your body clock, whether to the strains of a mariachi band in a smoky cantina or on the dance floor of a hyper-kitsch disco. And it doesn't end there, the country hosts endless festivals and fiestas, with Mexicans even managing to raise a smile on the Day of the Dead.

The capital, Mexico City, presents the other side of the country - one struggling to distance itself from the developing world. One of the biggest cities in the world is bound to have many faces, and here they range from the glass skyscrapers and chic boutiques of the Zona Rosa to the shanty settlements on the city's fringes.


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