Mexico Holidays
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Flights to Mexico

Mexico has good, and relatively cheap, air connections with North America and the Caribbean as well as a number of options for flying direct from Europe. British Airways has four scheduled flights from Heathrow to Mexico City each week and two to Cancún(08457 222111 Other carriers operating direct from Europe include, Air France(0845 084 51 11, Lufthansa(, Iberia(08456 0128 54 and KLM(087 507 40 74900 Rather than simply booking a flight it may be more economical to book an entire package. Good places to start looking are in weekend newspaper travel supplements and on the web.

Approximate Flying Time

Flight times between the UK and Mexico vary according to your destination, but typically last about 10 hours.

International Airports

Mexico has approximately 30 airports, four of which can be truly called international; Mexico City, Monterrey, Acapulco and Guadalajara. Nearly all flights from Europe land in either Mexico City or Cancun.

Departure Tax

A slight spin on standard departure tax, tourists are required to pay Derecho para No Inmigrante, which roughly translates a non-immigrant fee or 'migration tax'. If arriving by air the tax is usually included in the price of the ticket, but it's worth checking. The levy is currently set at 150 Peso.


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