Norway Holidays
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Holidays in Norway

Norway isn't a holiday destination for the indecisive; there's simply too much to on offer. From spectacular summer hiking to skiing right into the centre of Oslo in winter; Norway really does have something to suit all visitors.

Wandering along the sparkling shores of Oslo Fjord with the sun's warmth coaxing the scent of pine sap from the trees; it's difficult to understand why the Vikings ever bothered leaving. But even more surprising is that you are still in the city centre. Oslo embraces its natural surroundings, and despite its' pocket-size the Norwegian capital has plenty to offer. With more than 50 museums and galleries, national obsession with café culture and people watching, a packed social schedule and Mother Nature on your doorstep; the only trouble you'll have is deciding how to fit everything in.

Head west from the capital and you enter a pristine wilderness. First you cross upland plateaus dotted with crystal lakes and sheltering sandy beaches; before reaching the breath-taking scenery of fjordland. The backbone of the Norwegian postcard industry is truly stunning, but head further north and you are in for yet another treat as you cross the arctic circle; home to the Sami people and the best place in Norway to see the Northern Lights(and Santa Claus. if you are lucky!).

Despite a few eccentricities, Norway certainly has its head screwed on tightly; exemplifying to the world what could be achieved with enlightened socialism. Not to mention the admiration felt throughout Europe for their responsible attitude to the environment.

Delicious as most of it is, some examples of Norwegian cuisine have to be seen or smelt, to be believed. Top of the list is lutefisk; a Christmas treat of dried cod buried in lye then dug up when it has jellified. Still, you can't complain for too long considering what else you'll find on the nation's menu, including super-fresh fish, crystal clear vodka, tasty berry fruits and plenty of smoked salmon.


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