Cheap flights to Norway
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Flights to Norway

Flights to Norway are increasingly plentiful. Although Oslo gets most of the air traffic, other cities and towns are catching up. As usual in such a large country, the frequency and price of flights varies greatly; it all depends on exactly where you want to land.

If you're flying to Oslo, you're in luck. Flights are good because it's such an important city, and Oslo Gardermoen Airport is excellent. BMI, KLM and Scandinavian Airlines all run direct flights from London airports to Oslo, starting at around £130 for an inclusive return.

Smaller cities don't have Oslo 's wealth of direct flights, so you may end up having to go via another city. KLM run flights to Trondheim and Bergen from Heathrow, going via Amsterdam. An inclusive return to Trondheim will cost you just under £200, while the journey to and from Bergen costs around £150.

Of course, Oslo also serves as a connecting point for many flights within Norway. If you're visiting Forde, Kristiansand or Harstad-Narvik, you'll probably have to go via Oslo

For cheap, direct flights to Norway, your best bet is the Norwegian Air Shuttle. This runs direct flights to Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen for under £100 per return. The drawback is that these only go from Stansted and only to those three Norwegian airports.

If you want to save money on your flight to Norway(and the Air Shuttle isn't an option), use the internet to do your work for you. Sites like Expedia( and SkyScanner( can scan a whole range of airlines to bring you deals. This is especially good if your best option is to use two different airlines, because online agents can save you the headache of calculating connections. They may also save you money on the whole package.

For example, if you're looking for flights to Forde, you'll have a fruitless search on the British Airways, KLM and BMI websites. But a comparison website will tell you that you can get there in about four hours using Scandinavian Airlines and its subsidiary widerøe.(An inclusive return costs about £160.)

Don't forget, too, that many High Street travel agents have websites that allow you to book online. The best way of finding cheap flights is to compare as many sites as you can - the websites of agents like Thomas Cook( and Thomson Holidays( alongside the newer price comparison sites. Shopping around gets you the best deal on flights to Norway.

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