Holidays in Bodrum
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Bodrum holiday focus

Bodrum lives a double life. By day it clings on to its past as a sleepy fishing village - all whitewashed stucco houses, painted doors, scampering cats and tumbling bougainvillaea. But by the time the sun has gone down and the Castle lit up, it's transformed into Turkey 's partying Mecca(.you'll be surprised).

Running parallel with the waterfront, Bodrum's main artery is Cumhurriyet Caddesi, better known as Bar Street. It's fairly easy to guess what goes on here, but as it's a mile long it's difficult to know where to start. Where's hip seems to change from one season to the next, but the Stone House and Bebek(Dr Alim Bey Caddesi) are long-standing favourites. If you're looking to spend a little more energy Helicarnassus immodestly bills itself as Turkey 's best disco. It's certainly a strange one - decked out like a mock, crumbling open-air temple.

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