Cheap flights to Turkey
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Flights to Turkey

Although joining the EU has been a long and tiresome journey for Turkey, the country is more popular than ever with European travellers, and the variety of available flights reflects this.

Istanbul gets the lion's share of cheap and frequent flights, thanks to its location and status as a major city. You can get an inclusive return for as little as £150, and the international terminal of Ataturk Airport is brand new. It's only a four-hour journey from the UK, which explains its popularity as a destination for travellers.

Most of the smaller airports don't currently get many direct flights from the UK, so you will need to consider whether or not you are prepared to travel via Istanbul. For example, flights to Bodrum have been increasing since the airport was built in 2000, but the majority of flights are not direct, and this takes journey times over the seven-hour mark.

Unsurprisingly, Turkish Airlines has the widest range of flights to Turkey, but most of these head to Istanbul for the first stage of the journey. Prices range between £260 and £300 for an inclusive return flight to Antalya, Malatya or Dalaman.

British Airways serves several Turkish airports directly, including Ankara, Dalaman, Izmir and of course Istanbul. Flights are often cheaper than Turkish Airlines - you can get an inclusive return for under £200 - and you have the added convenience of a direct flight. However, there are many airports that BA does not serve, such as Bodrum, Antalya and Belek.

For the cheapest Turkish flights, check out Excel Airways, who do flights to Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman but not Istanbul. Prices are refreshingly low(under £200 for an inclusive return) and you have the option of avoiding London as your departure airport, since Excel runs from Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester too. However, flights only depart during the summer months.

Don't forget to check out the package deals, too. Operators sift through the available flights to bring you deals from KLM, BMI, Lufthansa, British Airways, Turkish Airlines and others. Being flexible about which part of Turkey to visit and your travel dates will help you get the best price. Some package operators offer an extra discount for booking online, so find out if this is the case before you book.

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