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Turkey hotels and accommodation

Turkey has hotels to suit every taste and budget. The top of the range hotels are found mostly in Istanbul and along the Aegean coast. The ministry of tourism grades hotels(1-5 stars), keeps a close eye on them and it's mandatory for each hotel to keep a comments and suggestions book.

The Ottoman Empire was fabled for its opulence, and if you've got deep enough pockets; you can live like a Sultan today. In Istanbul, chic come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from the intimate charm of Hotel Ibrahim Pasa(Sultanahmet's best-loved boutique hotel) to the grandeur of The Four Seasons(which began life as a prison). And the best bit? You can still get a luxury bed for less than £100.00 a night.

As tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in Turkey you'll find that the best-appointed mid-range hotels tend not to be those easiest on the eye. However, you do get a lot of bang for your buck, and can expect a comfortable stay and to be waited on hand and foot; all for less than £50.00 per night.

A more 'authentic' experience can be gained by staying in a guesthouse or pansyion. Although facilities are limited the chances are you'll be invited to eat with the family and the cost is substantially lower than in a hotel - it's also a good place to find out what there is to see and what's going on locally. Camping hasn't really taken off the ground in Turkey(with the exception of Cappadocia and stretches of the Black Sea coast) possibly owing to the ubiquity of pansyions

In recent years a number of backpackers' hostels have sprung up in Istanbul and along the Aegean coast. Beds are cheap and cheerful; but don't expect a quiet night as most hostels overrun with high-spirited and Aussies and Kiwi's on the big OE.

For recommended hotels contact the national hotel association(TURTOB), Mete Cadessi, Taksim, Istanbul. Tel: 212 249 5153.

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