Turkey Travel Guide
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Turkey Travel Guide - Transport Options

By Air: THY is the Turkish national carrier and has a virtual monopoly on all internal flights. Air safety records are sketchy. BA flies to: list cities if applicable.

By Hire Car: car hire is the best way to see the coast and countryside, despite some drawbacks. A UK driving license is sufficient for hiring a car. Officially Turks drive on the right, though in practice it tends to be in the middle of the road.

By Taxi: Taxi's are a good way to get around the city, and are cheap if you make sure the Taxi-Meter is set to zero before you head off.

By Train: The Turks have recently sunk a lot of money into the train system. Having said this, the trains are slow and it's recommended that they only be used for overnight journeys. Travel first-class if possible. On the plus side they are the safest and cheapest mode of transport.

By Coach: Coaches are the most popular form of transport, and are reliable and comfortable. It's wise to check the location of the coach station, as it may be far from the centre of town. However, bear in mind that road safety in Turkey is appalling, with the local press likening the number of deaths to that of a civil war.

By Minibus: Collective minibuses called Dolmus that will get you just about everywhere.

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