Cowboy Hats
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Five of the best cowboy hats

A cowboy's simply naked without one and, as it can be used as a sunshade, rain-cover, fly-swatter, bucket and feed-trough, you can see that it's one serious piece of kit.

Distressed Tom Horn
Just who the hell is Tom Horn? Beats me, but he clearly knew a classic Stetson when he saw one. Yes, the all important leather hatband is hand-cut, meaning it's a steal at $250.

The Gambler
One of the most attractive examples of pressed felt on the market. When it looks this good in granite, a choice of colours would only confuse.

The Chisolm Hat
Not to be confused with the John Wayne western Chisum. With its 7-inch sloping crown, 4-inch wide brim and a colour-chart that includes bone, pecan, burgundy and moss, find me a budding gold-panner who could resist, and I'll eat my Chisolm.

The Wild Bill
This really speaks for itself. In fact, it shouts. Only really complete when underscored with a Zapata moustache and a steely gaze. A snip at $180.

The Piano
This is the kind of hat that oozes versatility; comfortably crowning the head of city slickers and ranchers alike. Add to this its '3-inch raw edge' and a choice of fawn, black and silver-belly and it seems cheap at $147.50.

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